Welcome to The Unknown Regions Brewing Company

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Unknown Regions
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Hey peoples! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the galaxy. I figured I’d write a quick intro type thingy about what to expect here. (Not to mention it helps to have at least one entry posted when previewing different themes to see what they look like.)

After spending almost 2 years writing for Hater LLC about Star Wars: The Old Republic, I’ve grown a fondness for being able to actually write and publish things about video games. Since my time there has ended, I’ve gotten a few generous offers from other gaming related sites and have carefully considered my options. After speaking with a few people and thinking about things for a bit, two things generally helped me come to the decision to simply start my own blog:

1) Being my own boss. Meaning no deadlines, always choosing my own topics, no minimum number of articles a week, and being able to go into opinions and topics that are solely my own without having to worry about them reflecting poorly on the site (and other contributors) as a whole. Oh yeah, and I can swear if I want to. And I might just fucking do that from time to time.

2) A wider range of topics. While the main subject written about here will be SWTOR, I’m very likely going to be veering into other subjects. This will definitely include pieces about music, MMOs as a whole, homebrewing, and more.

Thank you to those out there who have offered me opportunities. There were some very tempting offers, but in the end, I think this was the right decision.

Now that the whole introduction thing is out of the way, I wanted to elaborate on something that I think is entirely overlooked – choosing the right name for a site. This can be a royal pain in the ass if you want to make sure you have a name you like and you believe most people won’t think sucks. It took me over a week to finally decide upon this name, and I’m still not 100% sure I like it. But if I waited any longer, some of the things I want to write about will no longer be timely subjects. So here we are.

Naming a website is a bit like getting a tattoo. You want to be damn sure you’re happy with it. You generally care what other people think about it. And you’re going to be stuck with it. (Well, okay, maybe you could always just delete the blog and start over with a new name, but you could lose followers.) It’s not a decision to be taken lightly.

I kicked around a few ideas before deciding on this one. I wanted the name to have a Star Wars/SWTOR type theme, but also wanted to incorporate something about beer and/or brewing since I plan to cover that topic as well. A few ideas included “Alderaan Ale House,” “Twin Suns Tavern,” and “Blasters And Brew.” I finally chose “The Unknown Regions Brewing Company” for four main reasons:

1) Fairly recognizable Star Wars phrase that’s also present in SWTOR.

2) The implication of “Unknown Regions” is that there’s some wild, unknown, unexpected, lawless, crazy shit going down.

3) By tacking on “Brewing Company” to the area itself it hints at more going on than just serious talk.

4) I’m a big fan of the Chiss species and that’s where they come from.

Anyways, I think that about covers it for an intro type post. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to leave suggestions and ideas in the comments. (Comments saying how horribly ugly my current theme is are totally acceptable. I’ll probably change it a few times before settling on something.) I’ve got a few ideas brewing for upcoming articles, so be sure to follow @AgentJaspor on Twitter for the latest updates and whatnot!


  1. Njessi says:

    Never heard of you.

  2. Shintar says:

    What is it with SWTOR people and brewing? 😀

    Welcome to the world of… independent blogging, I guess? 🙂

    /adds to blogroll

  3. Good to see you got this going. Excited about some of the potential topics and hearing you swear ;-p Good luck!! I’ll be following you closely (yes stalking you).

  4. Nice job on the new site, dude. Looking forward to not hating you 🙂