Overheard During Lunch

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Unknown Regions

I was having lunch the other day at a Boston Market near my job, just minding my own business, catching up on Tweets and Reddit and whatnot, when I happened to overhear the conversation going on between two gentlemen behind me. Actually it wasn’t much of a conversation, it was more like one guy talking and the other guy listening. It went something like this:

“I just wanted to have a chance to speak with you a little bit about that incident the other night. I was a little disappointed in how you reacted, to be honest. As an Elder, people look up to you and respect what you think and pay close attention to how you act. Yes, it was disappointing that Bob and Mary decided to leave the group, and I can understand you being personally hurt by their decision. They are great people and had a lot to offer us, and they’re going to be difficult to replace. But I can’t have you going on a rant like that in front of the other members. We’ve still got a great core of people, people we get along with and who are dedicated to what we’re trying to do. I just need you to set a better example for the rest of the group so they have confidence in our leadership so that we can continue to grow and succeed.”

At this point, I turn around casually and take a peek at them. They definitely fall into the typical MMO demographic, so I start to wonder which game they’re talking about. It sure seems like it’s the GM having a little chat with one of his officers about how he reacted to some of their members leaving for another guild. And then he drops this:

“It’s going to happen. People will leave our church and new people will join, it’s just how things work.”

I thought the similarities were pretty amusing, but I guess any group of people trying to work together to accomplish something can sound like a gaming guild. But here’s the question I leave you with – Does this mean MMOs are the religion and Guilds are the different churches?