A Sneak Peek at the New Achievement System

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Unknown Regions
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BioWare has published Game Update 2.0 (also known as the “expansion update”) to the Public Test Center for Star Wars: The Old Republic today. The patch notes are significant, including descriptions of brand new abilities for all classes and tons of changes to how many aspects of the game will function. Among the enhancements coming with 2.0 is a brand spanking new achievement system, the kind of achievement system many players believed should have been in when the game launched. Coupled with the newly introduced reputation system, these new achievements give those “completionist” type players tons of new content to work towards.

The first thing to notice about the new Achievement system is that it is indeed Legacy wide, something players had hoped for and maybe even expected. Many (though not all) of the achievements do seem to be retro-actively granted at this time, while many others are not. Accomplishing achievements also grant certain rewards, typically in the form of a new title. (My PTS character got the “Wealthy” title for having over 10 million credits. I’m rich, bitch!)

UPDATE (02/21/13 9:10AM EST): Added a “Rewards” section to the bottom of the post.

UPDATE (02/21/13 9:13PM EST): Confirmed that Datacron stats are not being shared among characters within the same Legacy, despite the shared Datacron achievements.

UPDATE (02/22/13 6:05PM EST): As a few commentors pointed out, the previous attempt was for a Republic-only Datacron (on Ord Mantell) and I was checking to see if the stats applied on Imperial characters. So there was a possibility that was why they weren’t showing as shared stats. I just tried this with two Hoth Datacrons that are common for both factions. I grabbed the + Endurance and + Cunning ones on my Imperial Agent. I then checked my Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight- no stat changes. So I think it’s totally safe to say that the stats are not shared Legacy-wide, at least not in the version on the PTS.

UPDATE (02/27/13 10:15PM EST): Added a few more rewards found in the latest PTS update that was released today. Tagged them with *NEW* below to differentiate.

Let’s break these down by category while putting my bullet point usage skillz to good use:



  • Companions
    • Each of the 8 Classes.


  • Flashpoint
    • Each of the 17 Flashpoints.
    • A “General” subcategory.


  • Legacy
    • Advancement
    • Alignment
    • Currency
    • Level
    • Possessions


  • Location
    • Each of the 19 Planets, including Makeb.
    • A “General” subcategory.


  • Operations
    • Each of the 5 Operations.


  • Player vs. Player
    • Each of the 5 Warzones.
    • A “General” subcategory.


  • Space
    • General
    • Imperial
    • Republic


So what kind of achievements are under each category? Almost everything you can imagine and hope for. It’ll take many hours to document all of it. For now, here are some highlights I noticed:

  • Datacrons – Appear under the Location->Planet subcategories tracking how many you have found on each planet. Does this mean the actual stat bonuses for finding a Datacron is shared between all characters on a Legacy? I couldn’t confirm, but I’m hopeful.
  • Makeb – Speaking of Datacrons, it appears as if Makeb has 2 new ones.
  • The new “Scum and Villainy” Operation has 5 bosses – Pretty standard for SWTOR raids. Their names are available through the achievements too, but I won’t spoil that here.
  • Cartel Coin Achievement Rewards! – Whoa, this one almost slipped past me. But sure enough, it looks as if several achievements actually grant Cartel Coins when you complete them. The first one I noticed was 20 CC for completing each Act for each class. So by finishing all 3 Acts, you’ll earn 60 Cartel Coins. Multiply that by 8 classes, and that’s 480 Cartel Coins you can earn just by playing through class stories. Not too shabby!
  • Cathar? – While I haven’t found any direct reference to the Cather species, there is an interesting reference to a “Cathar Honor Sword” under the Legacy->Possessions->Weapons subcategory.


Several achievements grant rewards upon completion as follows:


    • Republic Squad Leader – Reached maximum affection with all Republic-class companions.
    • Imperial Squad Leader – Reached maximum affection with all Imperial-class companions.
    • Master Craftsman – Completed all the listed crew skill achievements.
    • The Benefactor – Reached Legacy level 10.
    • The Dedicated – Reached Legacy level 20.
    • The Prolific – Reached Legacy level 30.
    • The Historic – Reached Legacy level 40.
    • The Living Legend – Reached Legacy level 50.
    • Wealthy – Earned 10 million credits.
    • Tauntaun Wrangler – Acquired all listed Tauntaun pets.
    • Beastmaster – Completed all of the listed bestiary achievements.
    • Loremaster – Completed all of the listed  lore achievements.
    • Galactic Explorer – Completed all of the listed exploration achievements.
    • Datacron Master – Completed all of the listed datacron achievements.
    • Galactic Hero – Completed all of the listed heroic missions.
    • Big Game Hunter – Defeated all heroic world bosses on all planets through Chapter 3.
    • Manhunter – Defeated 50k other players in combat.
    • Republic Ace – Completed all Republic space missions.
    • Imperial Ace – Completed all Imperial space missions.
    • Meatbag – Defeated the Assassin Droid 25 times each in “The False Emperor” and “The Foundry” flashpoints on hard mode. *NEW 02/27*
    • Gearhead – Completed all the listed vehicle achievements. *NEW 02/27*
    • Sharp Dressed – Acquire all the listed gear sets. (18 of them.) *NEW 02/27*

Cartel Coins

Each of the following achievements award 20 Cartel Coins each:

  • Flashpoint Master – Cleared all listed normal mode flashpoints at least one time.
  • Flashpoint Master (Hard Mode) – Cleared all listed hard mode flashpoints at least one time.
  • Taloned – Defeated all bosses in The Black Talon flashpoint.
  • Ironed Out – Defeated all bosses in The Esseles flashpoint.
  • Act 1 – Finished Act 1 on each class. (8 instances of this reward, one for each class.)
  • Act 2 – Finished Act 2 on each class. (8 instances of this reward, one for each class.)
  • Act 3 – Finished Act 3 on each class. (8 instances of this reward, one for each class.)
  • Warzone Neophyte – Played 10 Warzone matches of any type.
  • Warzone Veteran – Played 50 Warzone matches of any type.
  • Warzone Expert  – Played 100 Warzone matches of any type.
  • Champion – Reached Valor rank 50.
  • Friendly – Reached Social Rank 1.
  • Coordinator – Reached Social Rank 3.
  • Guide – Reached Social Rank 5.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m going to keep digging through here to find interesting tidbits as well as getting a few screenshots up. Be sure to check back later for more info!


  1. DraconianOne says:

    Great stuff – well done for getting it up so quick (so to speak). Shame that the Datacron stats aren’t being shared but then again, I wonder how that would work across factions?

    • Jaspor says:

      Yeah, someone pointed out that my PTS test used a Republic-only datacron and that could be why my Imperial characters didn’t see stat increases. I’m going to try this again tonight with a datacron that both factions can access and see if the results change. Thanks for the feedback!